Friday, April 8, 2011

I live in Kansas. I love spring, but it sure hasn't seemed much like spring lately. Today I took Bentley for a walk, camera in hand, searching for photo ops with the theme of "White". Gallery Classic has the most beautiful pear tree in front and today it was in full bloom. I snapped a dozen or so photos of the pear tree in all its' glory. This will be the last spring Gallery Classic will be in the big, old stone castle. As much as I want to cut back on my hours and move the wholesale and retail under one roof, I'll miss this old building. It dates to 1907 and was the dream child of an English architect. Built with Kansas field stone, the sprawling structure was once the club house for White Lakes Golf Course. A golfer in the l930's boasted that he held the world record for the longest drive. He hit his ball hard, jacked it off to the left and it bounced into the coal car of a passing train. Went all the way to Texas.

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